2020 was a year of determination, resilience, and flexibility.

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From our Executive Director

If 2019 was our year for storytelling, community building and evaluation, then 2020 was definitely the year of determination, resilience and flexibility. 

The last year tested our whole team. We mourned the loss of our programs and we grieved for the young people we haven’t been able to work with. Young people we know are facing particularly hard situations at home, trying to navigate online school and missing their social connections. The whole team has missed connecting on a regular basis with those who used to fill our shop with laughter and energy, and all the schools and community partners that invited us through their doors. We had to re-imagine and re-examine everything. 

How do we change amazing, hands-on, in-person, high impact experiences to continue our programs and keep our community safe? We’ve had to pause a lot of our programming and pivot our focus. Right from the outset we decided to look at the quarantine as a gift of time. We considered the items on our strategic plan that required time, focus and dedicated energy and started working on those. And in the meantime, our team has continued finding ways to support and connect with young people virtually and in small groups when restrictions allowed and it was safe to do so.  I am proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish given the constraints and constant unpredictability.

While 2020 was a tough year, we are celebrating. Celebrating our resilience, these outcomes and our ability to navigate challenging times by using our values and mission as our compass.


Pivoting in 2020

When the pandemic hit in March, we knew we had to be nimble and pivot over night. We quickly assessed what we could keep doing, what we needed to pause and where we could focus our energy. We’re grateful to have been able to keep all our staff and continue running our shop throughout the year.

Our Programs

The TWV team shifted from delivering programs in nine communities all over Calgary and filling our shop with laughter and logistics, to cancelling programs and working from home, essentially overnight. 

Read more about how we reimagined our program offering last year and how the lessons we learned in 2020 will influence our programs going forward.

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Our People

Our team, volunteers, donors and community make our programs and shop successful. We’re grateful for these relationships and what we were able to accomplish together last year despite restrictions. As a team, we made most of our screen time in 2020. We evaluated and reimagined our program offerings and volunteer opportunities, while working behind the scenes to improve some of our administrative processes.

We also participated in numerous online calls, forums, town halls and surveys with our fellow non-profit organizations to understand the needs of our sector and how we might be able to help agencies who are addressing basic needs for our participants and their families.

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Our Shop

We know that because of the current circumstance, donations that organizations like ours depend on, will undoubtedly be fewer going forward. We can’t control that. What we can control is what we pour our energy into, the items we have available in our shop and how we help those in our community by filling our unique role.

Read more about how our bike shop continued to thrive, one customer at a time.

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We know what big impact looks like and what the research says about how to get it, but we can’t compare 2020 to other years. The new programs and pivots that all organizations are making have value for what they are providing right now, in this time, today.

One of the gifts of last year was the opportunity to evaluate the data collected for each of our programs since 2016. With time to reflect and new perspectives, we had a chance to identify opportunities we would never have considered before.


We partnered with Constellation Consulting for a long term evaluation of our programs. Now five years into our evaluation, we’re excited to share more about our outcomes and how we’ve seen our programming evolve.

Read the Report >


While many of our regular activities slowed down, bicycle donations kept rolling in strong as ever. We had the time and people power to double our shop output this year, raising more funds than ever before through parts, apparel and used bikes sales. Read more about our 2020 financials.

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“This experience can be described as a full circle. I went from Earn-a-Bike to GAP. And hopefully, one day, I'll get to be a facilitator of the program to make it a fuller circle.”

- GAP Graduate

“I’m split on whether it’s becoming more mechanically capable or becoming better at dealing with social situations. I benefit from both a lot and am very happy I got this chance.”

- Bike Club Participant


of Participants are feeling more hopeful about the future


Number of participants who attended our first ever virtual Shift Into Winter event.


The percentage by which we exceed our bike sales goal in 2020.


Volunteer hours collected in 2020. Though we had less in person help in the shop, we kicked off our Wrench At Home program.

“Intentional community building should not be overlooked. When we come together, we talk through our insecurities, our uncertainties and share stories to help us better understand each other and the world we live in.”

- TWV Team Member