2020 Financials

These are our 2020 financials.

Fewer donations

We received fewer donations in 2020 than in previous years, with many of our supporters responding and having to make tough decisions in light of the pandemic. On the flip side, we also received more government grants and subsidies this year to help us keep rolling.

Fewer events

The revenue we would normally make from program fees and fundraising events was also lower this last year, due to our limited program offering and inability to host in-person events. We're learning ways to connect virtually and we're grateful for the online community we have been able to connect with.

More sales

With fewer programs in 2020, we were able to put more time and energy into our shop. We managed to double our output this year, selling more used bikes to more Calgarians than ever before. We also started selling custom TWV apparel, teaming up with a local design studio and apparel company. T-shirts and hoodies have been selling out through the shop and through online marketplace Be Local.

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2020 Fiancials



the percentage by which we exceeded our bike sales goal.


fewer donations in 2020 compared to 2019.


less revenue from fundraising events and miscellaneous.


more revenue from Government grants and subsidies than in 2019.

"I enjoyed the challenging sections of the ride. I was also impressed that the participants were able to make decisions regarding what to eat or what to do, it’s definitely nice to be able to partake in the organization and decision making.”

- Bike Trip Participant