Our Shop was the Star of 2020.


The bike shop took off in 2020. With an unprecedented demand for bikes and time to set up an effective online shop, we doubled our output this year. We shifted to appointment only for in-person shopping and began shipping a variety of parts online. As the shop continues to grow, we’ll have more opportunities to hire graduates from our GAP program and offer participants valuable employment. 

We know that because of the current circumstance, donations that organizations like ours depend on, will undoubtedly be fewer going forward. We can’t control that. What we can control is what we pour our energy into, the items we have available in our shop and how we help those in our community by filling our unique role.


While many of our regular activities slowed down, the donations of bicycles to our shop kept rolling in, as strongly as ever. We continued to receive bikes from generous individuals in the Calgary area as well as from the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Transit, Calgary Library, Okotoks By-Law Services and more. These valuable donations helped us supply our Bike Club programs, both those held in person that were cut short or those held virtually. They also supplied a much needed morale boost for the team that gave us something to focus on and much needed normalcy in those uncertain times early in the pandemic.


One of the incredible silver linings of the pandemic has been the growing popularity of bicycles. Despite closures in March and April, we were able to serve our community through our social enterprise bike shop and get more reliable bikes out onto the streets. Our customers and bike donors have been so wonderful at adapting to the new protocols and procedures for visiting our shop. Our new appointment system allowed customers and donors to shop or donate safely. It also encouraged access for folks who might have previously been intimidated by entering a bike shop environment to feel safe to ask questions and make their purchase on their terms. While we hope to have more open hours in the future, appointments are definitely here to stay!

Social Enterprise

What is a social enterprise? A social enterprise is a business that uses entrepreneurial methods to accomplish social goals and/or feed profits to a parent charity or non-profit to enable it to fulfill more of its own social mission (BC Centre for Social Enterprise).

Since 2017

The Two Wheel View Social Enterprise Bike Shop has been in operation since 2017. Since then, we’ve worked to continually improve our shop, offering Calgarians the option to purchase used bikes while also supporting and keeping our youth engaged.

Youth Employed

One of the priorities of our bike shop is to provide ongoing opportunity for youth employment. Our shop offers participants in our GAP Employability Program the valuable experience of engaging directly with customers. We hope to continually expand our opportunities for youth employment.

Source of Income

The shop is an important source of income to Two Wheel View. It helps us diversify our fundraising so that we can ride the waves of change in funding and donations, made even more acute by the pandemic.

Used Bikes

This shop not only supports our mission economically but helps us collect bikes for our programs, get more Calgarians out on the pathways, engages our volunteers, introduces a whole new audience to our organization and kept over a thousand bikes from the landfill in 2020.

“What I have learned about myself and Bike Club is that when we did our bikes we have to use creativity, teamwork and social skills to solve problems such as fixing the chain and the brakes”

- Bike Club Participant

“That now I am proud of me and can now fix a bike myself."

- Bike Club Participant


Number of used bikes sold in 2020.


The percentage by which we exceed our bike sales goal in 2020.


We had hundreds of one on one customer appointments in 2020.


Number of bikes donated to TWV in 2020. (Only 92 less than 2019!)

“I learned I have a lot of talent and potential that can be used to help others if it is used in the right way.”

- Bike Club Participant